Winamp is still whipping the llama’s ass

The newest iteration of the iconic music player is a “super aggregator” that wants to put everything audio in one place, and help creators monetise along the way.
Winamp is still whipping the llama’s ass

There once was a time when Winamp’s catchphrase was so ubiquitous, you didn’t even need to hear it, just the opening tone, and you knew exactly what was happening.

It’s been 26 years since Winamp was unleashed upon our Windows 98 machines and it's seen the likes of Napster and Limewire come and go, and now Spotify and Apple be the delivery mechanism of choice, that’s not to say that a whipping of the llama’s ass is off the table.

In fact, it’s very much not, as the company has launched a new player, one complete with what the company is calling a range of functionalities “aimed at unlocking the relationship between artists and fans while empowering creators to become their own merchants.”

If I may? It’s aiming to be another outlet for creators to distribute their goods and sell some merch along the way (to presumably keep on doing what they love doing - creating), while at the same time offering the widest gamut possible via what the company calls a super-aggregator. This super-aggregator is slated to welcome any and all audio services, i.e podcasts, radio stations, local files, and yes, of course, streaming services.

Adding to the all-new Winamp fanfare, the player is finally, yes, finally, available as a mobile responsive web player, and Q3 of this year will see both iOS and Android apps made available.

“Winamp has a legacy of 30 years of music empowerment and irreverence. That challenger spirit is needed today more than ever. Creators find it increasingly hard to gain value from streaming services, making it harder for them to sustain their art and grow their careers. In this environment, artists have to take their future into their own hands – they need to supplement their income by becoming their own merchants,” commented Llama Group CEO Alexandre Saboundjian.

“With the new Winamp player, our aim is to empower creators to make more money, at a time when they really need it. Winamp’s mission is to change the mindset of artists – from one where they feel like victims of poor revenues from the DSPs, to one of empowerment about what they can achieve by themselves."

And just in case you have no idea what I'm on about here:

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