Rebel Tech raises €1.5 million to bring cleaner technologies to mobile phone repairs

The Berlin-based start-up has developed a laser, it claims, will separate smartphone glass from the display at a fraction of the costs to the pocket, and climate, than methods currently used on the market
Rebel Tech raises €1.5 million to bring cleaner technologies to mobile phone repairs

Berlin-based Rebel Tech has raised a €1.5 million Pre-Seed funding round to develop its patent-pending deep tech tools and technologies for electronics repair. Rebel Tech’s laser separates a smartphone's glass from its electronic display it claims at the cost of €39 versus up to €700 with current methods being used in the market.  

Involved in the funding round were Planet Fund, Voyagers Climate Fund, Satgana, G-Force, Founders Factory and Magic Fund.

“As we keep developing more such groundbreaking technologies, our ultimate goal is not just to repair smartphones, but to expand our services to include more electronic devices, from laptops all the way to electric vehicles,” says Jack De Santis, Rebel Tech's Founder and CEO. “EVs are becoming more like computers, but while the focus is on building better charging infrastructure, the repair aspect is often overlooked, as the average mechanic will not be equipped to tackle issues related to their hardware engineering. Rebel Tech is a step ahead of the industry in servicing this massive opportunity.”

Charl Jacobs (lead engineer) and Jack De Santis (CEO) with Rebel Tech's laser tech

"We are thrilled to have secured this investment, which will allow us to accelerate our growth and continue revolutionising the repair industry," says De Santis. "Our commitment to developing deep tech solutions at scale and drastically cutting the cost of repair is aligned with significantly increasing the lifespan of electronic devices, reducing the need for production and new purchases, while tackling the overall amount of e-waste generated and sent to landfill. Every device repaired delays the need to manufacture a new one to take its place.”

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