Attention must be paid (or not): Zeliq’s AI-powered sales solution raises €5 million

Zeliq is throwing a heavy dose of AI at the sales department and perhaps replacing Willy Loman altogether. But then again, meh.
Attention must be paid (or not): Zeliq’s AI-powered sales solution raises €5 million

Parisian AI-powered sales solution maker Zeliq has raised €5 million in a pre-seed round. As you might expect at this stage of development, the round is aimed at kicking the company’s ideas into actions, namely that of using AI to support (for now) outbound sales activities with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Zeliq’s €5 million pre-seed round was led by Resonance and saw the participation of Pauline Boucon Duval, Obratori, and a number of undisclosed angel investors, although Zeliq likes to refer to them as “BAs”, which admittedly took this author a few passes to figure out.

In a Linkedin post dated five months ago, Zeliq founder and CEO Dorian Ciavarella explains the raison d'être behind the startup, ”One of the common problems I saw in startup and scaleup is building the best outbound sales structure and managing the team in hybrid work (not enough SDRs, not using the right software or too much software used, not an outbound culture, not following the right metrics, not putting the right commission plan, high people turnover, not the right pitch) so I decided to go deeper on how I could help them to build the best product to improve all the problems.”

To be fair, most companies are not good at outbound sales, and Zeliq can and will have legs if done right.


The captain of the ship also begins this Linkedin post with, “I became a multi-millionaire at 30 years old when I sold my previous company Hivency thanks to an outbound strategy.” 🤢

Hivency, since acquired by Skeepers, is/was self-described as, “an integrated, end-to-end solution that enables brands to discover influencers, (sic) and scale micro influencer (sic) marketing strategy.”

As for Zeliq, in the company’s own keyword-stuffed self-description, “Especially in a multifaceted business era, critical hurdles SalesTech has to overcome is streamlining sales outreaches for a frictionless omnichannel process through call, whatsapp, (sic) linkedin (sic) message and ensuring lead prospecting is complete swiftly and accurately. As part of the work being done to realize this, Zeliq aims to reinstill radical candor for sales teams, whilst automating their tasks for an optimized work experience.”

Reinstill radical candor. Ohhhhkay.

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