Removing the multiples, Ireland’s NomuPay nomz nomz on $53.6 million

Offering a unified payments solution across Asia, Turkey, and the Middle East region, NomuPay intends to use the investment to scale operations.
Removing the multiples, Ireland’s NomuPay nomz nomz on $53.6 million

Dublin-headquartered payment platform NomuPay has raised $53.6 million in a new investment round co-led by Finch Capital and Outpost Ventures. 

Focusing on reducing, if not eliminating the headaches of doing business across multiple borders, currencies, regulations, etc, particularly in Asia, NomuPay offers clients a quasi “all-access pass” to payments.

NomuPay CEO Peter Burridge explains, “Every growing international enterprise knows the problem of ‘multiples’, when it comes to payments. There are multiple countries, multiple payment types, different payment use cases in each nation, a variety of channels, and an endless list of changing regulations. 

As a result, expansion slows down. Companies have to maintain countless technical integrations and vendor relationships while reconciling global payments. At NomuPay, we remove the burden of ‘multiples’, by unifying fragmented payment networks.”

Now, if you're like me and are scratching your head wondering why the world needs another payments company, it would appear as though NomuPay's marketing and PR department and you and I should have dinner, because they're already one step ahead of both of us:

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