Portugal's Zypho is acquired by Ailaxis as it gives Seedrs investors a happy retreat with a 3.8x return

Zypho, which recovers heat from waste water making improving shower efficiency has proved efficient in its returns for 429 Seedrs investors
Portugal's Zypho is acquired by Ailaxis as it gives Seedrs investors a happy retreat with a 3.8x return

Portuguese start-up Zypho, whose technology sits underneath a bath or shower and recovers heat from waste water, improving the efficiency of showers by 30-75%, has been acquired by water and energy management solutions company Ailaxis

Having collaborated successfully since 2020, the pair took the relationship one step further much to the delight of Zypho's Seedrs investors, all 429 of them. Zypho raised €750,043 through the platform. The acquisition will provide an exit opportunity for those investors, who bought shares in 2018, and will achieve up to 3.8x return on their investment. 

“Zypho was a start-up pioneer in the manufacture of innovative energy recovery solutions in the shower, so in 2018, when we decided to open a round with Seedrs, it turned exciting. It was crucial to receive the support of 429 investors, which allowed us to expand and reach new markets, and at the same time, continue to develop more innovative products during the next years," says André Fonseca, Zypho CEO. 

No actual financial details of the deal have been disclosed. 

“We are pleased to welcome Zypho into the Aliaxis family. About half the energy consumed in households is used to heat water for showers and baths. With energy prices soaring, the demand for innovative systems that can keep bills down is rising. That’s where new Drain Water Heat Recovery system comes in. With our size and scale, we’re going to nurture and grow further the strong pipeline of innovations from Zypho. We estimate the system, already available in France, the UK and Spain, will save households enough on bills to pay back their investment in one to three years, while contributing to a less carbon intense world," says Eric Olsen, CEO of Aliaxis. 

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