Boost Capital Partners announces first close of its UX-focused fund at $30 million

Founded by former Initial Capital Partner Alvaro Alvarez del Rio, the new fund aims to support companies placing user experiences at the heart of their business model.
Boost Capital Partners announces first close of its UX-focused fund at $30 million

London has a new early-stage VC fund on the block, and this one is laying heavily into startups that focus on improving the user experience. Citing the interest to back companies working in “the real economy”, Boost will offer initial pre-seed or seed stage ticket sizes ranging from $300,000 to $750,000 (including follow-on capabilities) to companies working on improving health, wellness, education, sustainability, entertainment and finance user experiences.

Boost Capital Partners is founded by Alvaro Alvarez del Rio, whose CV includes a 10-year stint at London’s Initial Capital, and has backed approximately 100 companies at or before seed stage rounds including Deliveroo, Supercell, Hutch Games and Tenor. 

Additional Partners at the firm, Ignacio Monereo and Pablo Morenes, have also held leadership positions at companies including Google, Meta, and Blackstone, with the entire team possessing over 25 years in the digital consumer and gaming industries. 

When it comes to why UX, the company’s manifesto lays out some fairly compelling reasons to support those that make interactions better:

  1. Improve ease of use: A good user experience makes amazing technology accessible not only to a narrow group of advanced users but to a much larger segment of the population. 
  2. Increase productivity: user experience can help companies to streamline processes, reduce errors, and minimise the time and effort required to complete tasks. 
  3. Improve decision-making: An optimised user experience provides users with clear, actionable information, helping them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals more effectively.
  4. Grow satisfaction: An easy user experience can contribute to customer satisfaction, which is crucial for building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers.
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