Adamo Foods grills £1.5 million to bring the not-beef to market

Joining the fungi mycelium-based meat alternative crowd, Adamo plans to use the funding to continue the development of its product lineup with public tastings due in late 2023.
Adamo Foods grills £1.5 million to bring the not-beef to market

London-based food tech startup Adamo Foods has raised £1.5 million in a pre-seed investment round. The company is developing plant-based whole-cut meats using fermentation technology combined with mycelium. 

Adamo’s £1.5 million investment was provided by SFC Capital and will be used to develop processes to take its proprietary fermentation and formulation processes out of the lab and into the product pilot phase.

These fermentation and formulation processes ultimately result in an animal-free biomass with long and dense fibres, i.e. an edible that is able to mimic a composition similar to traditional cuts of beef; a factor absent in most plant-based meat alternatives today.

Now if and of this sounds familiar, you might remember what Earlybird-backed Nosh is doing, and one can only assume that Adamo’s “proprietary” is in the specific chemistry or processing. Or, as Nosh founder Tim Fronzek explained to me in an interview, “light processing” that’s “so simple, I can’t tell you”.

Adamo Foods also claims to offer “Europe’s first ultra-realistic steak alternative,” a statement one can imagine Ljubljana-based Juicy Marbles might very well challenge.

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