KetoSwiss raises $4.8M to drive development of migraine fighting food

Basel-based biotech start-up KetoSwiss has developed a clinically tested, patent-protected dietary therapy for migraines which it is releasing under the Brain Ritual brand
KetoSwiss raises $4.8M to drive development of migraine fighting food

Ever heard the expression ‘feed a migraine, starve a fever’? No, neither have we, but food as a solution to migraine relief is exactly what Basel-based biotech start-up KetoSwiss is all about. Its product MigraKet, is a ‘dietary-preventive therapy’ which it says is ‘offering a clinically tested and patent-protected solution’ to your migraine issues. 

The magic migraine powder formula, which is released under the Brain Ritual brand, is full of micronutrients and macronutrients - such as human identical ketone bodies -the brain’s preferred fuel source.

The start-up has raised $4.8 million in funding to feed its own needs, drive on with production and introduce its product to the market, in what it is calling ‘the second closing of its Pre-series A financing round’.

The company has also expressed its plans 'to extend its portfolio to other neurological diseases characterised by metabolic dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s Disease' in the future.

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