Homed-IQ receives €1M investment for at-home medical diagnostics

Home-IQ provides a high-quality self-administered health test for health diagnosis and monitoring.
Homed-IQ receives  €1M investment for  at-home medical diagnostics

Today medtech company Homed-IQ announced that it has received a  €1 million investment from Healthy Capital and private investors.

Geert Brinkers and Robert de Jonge founded Homed-IQ in the Netherlands in response to de Jonge's experience with type 1 diabetes, exposing the complexity and inefficiency of current medical testing.

It motivated them to create a service of in-home medical diagnostics and a leading platform for comprehensive laboratory testing services.
"We are delighted to welcome an investment of EUR 1 million, which will enable us to realise our vision of accessible medical diagnostics further," said Robert de Jonge, CEO of Homed-IQ.
Homed-IQ is active in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands, delivering a streamlined testing process and a range of high-quality self-administered health tests.

Home medical tests allow patients to monitor essential health parameters ranging from blood markers to genetic information and aid in the early detection of potential diseases.

The company is laboratory-independent and collaborates with several partners at home and abroad to offer an advanced home testing service.

Tests range from general health checks to specialised diagnostics for chronic conditions.  

Douwe Jippes, co-founder and managing partner of Healthy Capital, shared: 

"Homed-IQ plays a crucial role in transforming healthcare in Europe by combining innovation and accessibility.

Through their advanced platform, they contribute to delivering sensible care, preventing unnecessary use of resources, alleviating staff shortages, and improving working processes in the health sector."

Lead image: Testalize.me.

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