Resistomap raises €2M to combat global antibiotic resistance with intelligence platform

Resistomap is developing an advanced biosecurity intelligence platform for the monitoring and prevention of antibiotic resistance.
Resistomap raises €2M to combat global antibiotic resistance with intelligence platform

Today antibiotic resistance monitoring startup Resistomap announced that it has raised a €2M seed funding round.

The company is developing a biosecurity intelligence platform to address the challenges of environmental antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents a pressing global health emergency, frequently called the "silent pandemic". Antibiotic resistance arises when bacteria adapt and resist the drugs designed to combat them. Consequently, previously manageable infections have now become increasingly challenging to control, resulting in higher mortality rates and escalating healthcare costs.

The lack of comprehensive and actionable environmental surveillance data hinders action to mitigate the spread of this silent pandemic.

In response, the company has developed an extensive environmental AMR database.

European VCl firm Ananda Impact Venture led the funding, which includes investment from Gaingel and a Business Finland R&D grant.

The funding round will transform Resistomap's data on environmental AMR into an advanced biosecurity intelligence platform for monitoring and prevention.

The platform will feature the integration of early-warning systems, in-depth genetic results, advanced prediction models on the spread of AMR and personalised recommendations for reducing its dissemination.

Users will include wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, facilities, pharmaceutical companies, agri- and aquaculture industries, food safety agencies, as well as public health authorities.

Windi Muziasari, CEO and Founder of Resistomap, said: 

"Citing the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, "prevention is better than cure," which resonates well with our mission at Resistomap to mitigate the global spread of antibiotic resistance and preserve the efficacy of antibiotics. 

To achieve this, we need an intelligent platform that leverages our environmental monitoring data.

Our vision goes beyond AMR to build a comprehensive biosecurity platform that addresses a diverse array of disease-causing pathogens, encompassing both those already identified and those that remain undiscovered."

Zoe PedenPartner at Ananda Impact Ventures states: 

"For too long, antibiotic resistance has loomed as an approaching storm cloud, and so we take great pride in standing alongside Resistomap in its efforts to break this storm while pushing environmental health to the forefront of decision-making worldwide.

This investment seamlessly aligns with our commitment to address multi-faceted, systemic global challenges. We will make great strides toward a healthier future fighting antibiotic resistance by fostering collaboration, innovation and robustness in the environmental health sector."

Lead image: The Resistomap team. Photo: Uncredited.

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