UltiHash raises $2.5M Pre-Seed funding for sustainable data storage

Ultihash technology brings byte-level deduplication independent of data types to every data infrastructure. 
UltiHash raises $2.5M  Pre-Seed funding for sustainable data storage

Today German data storage startup UltiHash announced it has raised $2.5 million in Pre-Seed funding. 

Data growth is skyrocketing. Existing storage solutions often force a compromise between high-cost and low-performance, which causes acceleration to become almost impossibly cost-prohibitive. 

This is a particular challenge for companies working in hybrid cloud infrastructures, where data transfer rates and multi-vendor setups increase complexity. 

UltiHash is cutting down on the environmental toll of data growth by facilitating data growth without needing a proportional increase in storage capacity. 

Its technology brings byte-level deduplication independent of data types to every data infrastructure, matching binary fragments per and across datasets from terabytes to exabytes. 

Image via UltiHash. 

UltiHash's technology is able to decrease companies' storage needs by up to 50 percent, helping them save millions on unnecessary storage and network costs; users only store and migrate the data they truly need without compromising speed, thus breaking the logjam between scalability and affordability that companies face when expanding their data operations.

By condensing the amount of data stored, UltiHash advances the growth of high-performance data-driven applications, such as machine learning models and AI, business intelligence, and product engineering sustainably and cost-effectively. 

According to Tom Lüdersdorf, UltiHash Co-Founder and CEO:

 "The exponential increase in data storage resources is not sustainable from a business or environmental perspective.

Resource optimisation is the only way forward to manage data growth and continuously use data as the lever to solve challenges. Speed is a must in this industry, and we're here to make hot storage resource-efficient."

The round was led by Inventure, with participation from PreSeedVentures, Tiny VC, Futuristic VC, The Nordic Web, Antti Karjalainen, Founder and angel scout for Sequoia Capital, and other private investors.

Rebecka Löthman Rydå, Investor at Inventure, added:

 "We live in a world where the exponential growth of data is looked at as the new oil, but just like oil the negative environmental impacts are becoming substantial. 

UltiHash leads a tectonic shift in sustainable data storage with a solution that eliminates unnecessary data and increases efficiency in your data operations. We are proud to back this ambitious team and support this shift." 

Lead image: UltiHash Tom Lüdersdorf, CEO ,and Katja Belova, CTO. Photo: uncredited.

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