The Earlybird gets the interview: A chat with seasoned VC investor Christian Nagel

We sat down with investor Christian Nagel of Earlybird fame.
The Earlybird gets the interview: A chat with seasoned VC investor Christian Nagel

Dr. Christian Nagel is a co-founder and partner of Earlybird, a technology investment powerhouse with more than €2 billion under management.

Founded in 1997, Earlybird invests in all development and growth phases of tech companies, and has nestled itself among the largest and most experienced venture investors operating in Europe today.

We caught up with Christian at a recent event in Paris, to gain some more insights into the firm's investment strategy and hypotheses.

Aside from that 'VC elevator pitch', we delved into a number of topics, including what's hot in deep tech today, particularly attractive sectors (and geographies) for Earlybird, the ongoing pressure on the market, what is holding Europe back at the moment, and whether today is a good time to start a new company or not.

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