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IPXO Reaches $14m Revenue and Unveils Expansion Plans

IPXO reaches $14m revenue in three years with its US-patented IP address solution and introduces enhanced software platform to over 1,000 clients.
IPXO Reaches $14m Revenue and Unveils Expansion Plans

IPXO, a public IP address solutions platform, announced its achievement of a $14m revenue landmark in just three years, powered by its unique, U.S.-patented approach. The firm, which boasts a team of 70, has invested substantially into R&D over the last two years. It is now excited to unveil a significantly enhanced network automation service suite, extending its reach to over a thousand of its current clients.

Origin from 14-year of internet infrastructure venture

Founded by the second-time Internet infrastructure entrepreneurs, IPXO emerged from the successful venture of Heficed, a global infrastructure company launched in 2008. Heficed flourished to serve over 90,000 clients from 9 international data centres. After its sale to US-based Hivelocity two years ago, the founding team shifted their focus to IPXO, leveraging 14 years of experience in Internet infrastructure.

Solving IP addresses scarcity

“IPXO started with a straightforward proposition - a platform that temporarily redeploys unused network assets that idle across enterprise infrastructures to the fast-growing network operators at a fraction of a cost”, says Vincentas Grinius, CEO and co-founder of IPXO.

Co-founders of IPXO initially infused $2.5m to develop the solution. This automation platform was designed not only to provision the assets, but also update and monitor auxiliary information across the widely distributed databases and ensure the quality and compliance in a safe and secure way.

Now, three years into the journey, IPXO’s patented solution generates more than $1 million of gross revenue per month. It boasts more than 1,300 clients and partners, including industry leaders like Eli Lilly, Cloudflare, Equinix, Avast, and NordVPN.

The demand for such a solution and the scarcity of IP addresses is well illustrated by the recent change in AWS pricing policy whereas the company started charging its clients for IPv4 addresses from February 2024. This move is widely expected to cost its clients between $400m to $1bn per year.

Internet's evolving infrastructure calls for unique solutions

Mid-2000s can be seen as a breakthrough period for the Internet infrastructure. From 2005 onwards, cloud computing, social networks, streaming services, e-commerce, and remote work exploded into wide ranging popularity. This not only massively increased the IP addresses demand, but also introduced new challenges. Content localisation, personalisation, and copyright protection require accurate geolocation data. Globally distributed infrastructure not only increases costs but also poses scalability and flexibility issues, while complex network architecture amplifies abuse and security monitoring problems.

Such tectonic changes are happening while a large portion, estimated at 65%, of all networks are still managed manually (so called ClickOps) and less than 25% of all enterprises have a robust network “source of truth”. Network administrators are using on average at least 15 network automation tools per network, and rely on text files, Excel spreadsheets, or memory to track network configurations.

From IP addresses scarcity management to full IP addresses solution suit

“We realized that our clients require much more than just reducing the cost of their cloud infrastructure”, says Vincentas. Distributed, dynamically scaling and continuously changing networks, spread across multi-cloud environments and continents present complex challenges. Operators need to find automated ways to aggregate scattered geolocation, reputation, routing, and other data points into a robust and comprehensive platform, enabling prompt corrective action when necessary.

IPXO is now excited to introduce their Next-Generation IP Address Management (Public IPAM) solution, designed to comprehensively address a wide range of IP needs. The platform will include a wide range of enterprise grade solutions for internal IP addresses discovery, analysis, and management. Users will be able to deep dive into their IP reputation and geolocation data monitoring, verification, and data consistency management, third party IP addresses management, and rapid IPv6 provisioning.

In the next five years, IPXO expects that the information about the IP addresses will play an increasing role in providing localized and personalized user experience solutions, and therefore will require constant monitoring and fast changes.

“Our new mission”, Grinius adds, “is to provide our clients with complete oversight and control of their public network assets. This empowers them to not only cut costs and improve efficiency, but also ensures security, compliance, reputation, and abuse management, improves localization, and ensures service quality.”

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