SP Tech Solutions Secures funding for rail transport optimisation

SP Tech Solution aims to address the rail industry's challenges with a comprehensive system for optimising the work of railway companies.
SP Tech Solutions Secures funding for rail transport optimisation

Today rail transport optimisation company SP Tech Solutions has secured nearly €3 million new funding round from the Vinci HiTech fund.

Founded by Michal Pawlowski and Piotr Sikorski in 2019, the company started with a tool for optimising the transportation of traction crews and, over the years, has expanded its operations to create a comprehensive system for optimising the work of railway companies. 

Rail accounts for 17 per cent of European land transport, a figure expected to rise in alignment with the European Green Deal's goal to drastically cut transport emissions by 90 per cent by shifting at least 30 per cent of freight over 300 km to rail or water transport by 2030, and 50 per cent by 2050. 

SP Tech Solutions' Raily system suite aims to address the rail industry's challenges, comprising three essential tools that can be used independently or as a part of the entire package:

  • Raily Taxi automates the process of organising and optimising the transportation of traction teams.
  • Raily Cargo offers integrated management of railroad resources and freight planning through business intelligence-
  • Raily Marketplace is a platform for searching and booking traction services, including train technical inspections and hiring train drivers trained to operate on specific routes. 

SP Tech Solutions revenue has grown nearly 1000 per cent in the past two years, hitting around €9.52 million in 2023. 

According to Piotr Wolinski, CEO of Vinci S.A., which manages the Vinci HiTech fund:

"In a global context, where markets strive for sustainability and CO2 reduction, the innovations introduced by SP Tech Solutions align with the strategic goals related to the future of rail transportation.

Market data, as well as regulations on greenhouse gas emissions in transportation in the coming years, allow us to see great potential and believe in the global success of SP Tech."

SP Tech Solutions has raised almost €19 million from investors to date. Its clients include PKP Cargo, Lotos Kolej, Olavion, and Laude Smart Intermodal. The company has also implemented its first projects in German companies. 

This funding round aims to intensify operations in the Polish market and further expand towards Western Europe. The plans involve developing AI-enabled technology and growing the team by 50 per cent, focusing on sales, marketing, and, most importantly, development. 

Lead image: SP Tech Solutions. Photo: uncredited. 

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