Italian startup Lithium Lasers secures €3.5M funding for advanced laser tech

Lithium Lasers develops ultrashort pulse laser technology that is tailored for high precision applications. 
Italian startup Lithium Lasers secures €3.5M funding for advanced laser tech

Today Italian startup Lithium Lasers announced it has raised €3.5 million in funding,

The company was founded in 2019 and has developed an ultrashort pulse laser (USPL) called FemtoFlash for material processing, biophotonics and non-linear optics applications in several industries (e.g. aerospace, healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics),

The Femtoflash is easy to install, lowers set-up costs, and proves particularly useful when dimensional accuracy and tighter tolerances are needed. In the aerospace industry, lasers are exceptionally effective for micro-component manufacturing and are especially used in marking Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) components, a widely used composite material in aerospace applications. 

With €1.5 million committed by Primo Space Fund in a €2 million round with 360 Capital's co-investment, Lithium Lasers will accelerate the process of industrialisation and commercialisation and start working on a new line of UV Lasers set to be launched in the next few years. 

Alessandro Greborio, CEO and co-founder of Lithium Lasers, commented: 

"With the financial and strategic support from Primo Space and 360 Capital Partners, we are set to accelerate the industrialisation of our product and consolidate our position as a leading provider of laser solutions for high-precision manufacturing of components used in various industries."

According to Alessandro Zaccaria, Partner at 360 Capital:

"360's deepened involvement in Lithium Lasers underscores the company's remarkable strides in precision manufacturing technology. With each technical leap forward, we affirm our dedication to driving industrial progress and investing in transformative solutions for the future." 

Lead image: Lithium Lasers. Photo: uncredited.

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