Rivia raises €3M to handle data analytics for biotech companies

Rivia addresses the need for customised data collection for specialised companies.
Rivia raises €3M to handle data analytics for biotech companies

Swiss bio-analytics startup Rivia has secured a €3M Seed funding round led by Speedinvest. The funds will be used to hire new teams across engineering and client services,  and will also advance product development to fully harness the potential of integrated trial data and strengthen its position as the unified data platform for biopharma clinical trials.

This investment comes at a crucial moment for Biotech as only 13% of therapies that enter clinical trials reach the market, reflecting the growing complexity of therapeutic development and rising competitive pressures. 

Rivia's software addresses issues that biotech startups experience such as fragmented data and outdated visualisation tools to ensure the efficiency of clinical trials. 

CEO and co-founder Erik Scalfaro commented: "Our technology transcends data integration and changes how biotechs evaluate their therapies throughout their development lifecycle. Our founding expertise lies in consolidating information from clinical trial service providers and offering self-service analytics for medical and clinical operations. This year, we’re introducing AI-powered analytics and AI-enabled workflows to enhance data interactions. Our mission is to equip biotechs with tools to develop transformative, life-saving therapies and we’re thrilled by the promising signals we’re seeing." 

Rivia has garnered clients across Europe and the US, including Abcentra. Chris Farina, Abcentra’s Chief Executive Officer, shared: "Rivia is revolutionizing how biotech companies make decisions using clinical trial data. By providing quick access and maintaining all trials as a dynamic, evolving dataset, Rivia saves time and enhances our understanding of patient responses. Integrating safety, efficacy, and dosing data is crucial for evaluating trial data in real-time, both during and after trials."

“We at Speedinvest are beyond excited to work closely with Erik and Tiago and lead Rivia’s seed round. Rivia’s infrastructure and AI-powered platform fundamentally changes how biotech companies access and analyze their clinical trial data, glean insights and make real-time decisions. The feedback from their customers is phenomenal and we believe Rivia has the potential to become the gold standard in the industry.” commented Andrea Zitna, Partner at Speedinvest.

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