Czech Gen Z mental health app raises €600k pre-seed

Founded last year, draws on research such as that done by Professor Jonathan Haidt.
Czech Gen Z mental health app raises €600k pre-seed

Czech Gen Z mental health app has raised €600k pre-seed investment from Presto Ventures, BD Partners, and angel investors. In tandem will the raise they will publicly launch their native mobile app with core features for instant, real-time psychological support of its Gen Z users. boosts Gen Z's digital health and reduces the negative impacts of online communication and content consumption on their mental well-being. Approximately 500 users have access to the beta version of the app. uses AI (Large Language Models) to deliver accurate and personalized psychological response to screenshots provided by Gen Z users. In the form of a chat, the app then helps them understand and cope with the content by providing useful context, advice, or interventions to protect their mental wellbeing.

30 to 40% of US and EU teenagers suffer from depression or chronic anxiety because of social media. At the same time, there’s a critical global shortage of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for children and youth. This is illustrated by a number of studies, including the recent extensive research by Prof. Jonathan Haidt. goes far beyond general anti-anxiety strategies, such as breathing exercises or meditation. It helps with user's specific problems, in real time. The app protects teens and young adults from getting trapped in toxic thought and emotional patterns that can be caused by harmful, manipulative, or extreme content and intentionally distorted information.

CEO and co-founder Jan Romportl, PhD commented: "With the help of our core Gen Z community, we've completed the web app trials. Approximately 500 users have access to the app. Within the scope of the current pre-seed phase, we plan to make the native mobile app fully available, targeting a minimum of 5,000 active users. The second tranche of our pre-seed round will focus on foreign market research."

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