Twilio to acquire WebRTC media processing tech from Madrid’s Kurento

US cloud communications firm Twilio is to acquire Madrid-based Kurento’s WebRTC media processing technology to enhance Twilio’s use of video on its platform. No terms were disclosed.

As part of the deal Kurento’s tech will be integrated into Twilio’s Programmable Video SDK product for building video into communications services.

“What Kurento does it allows us to enhance our server side capabilities in terms of what you can build in those apps,” Pat Malatack, VP of product at Twilio, told “The Kurento team is basically going to be leading up the server side WebRTC media processing capabilities within the Twilio organisation.”

Through its Programmable Video SDK, Twilio is trying to make real time video media processing easier to integrate apps, according to Malatack.

“We believe that video will be integrated into more and more application experiences but to date it hasn’t been because the technology has been too difficult for folks to integrate.”

Along with the announcement of the Kurento acquisition, Twilio confirmed that it will be opening a new office in Madrid where it will staff nine people. It also has European offices in Dublin, London, Munich, and Tallinn.

"When we started the Kurento project, we wanted to create a powerful media processing engine built for the world of WebRTC,” added Luis Lopez, CEO and cofounder of Kurento. “We knew it would only be successful if we delivered this capability as a cloud service and gave it to developers through a simple and well-built API.

“Twilio has one of the best sets of APIs and joining forces with their team enables us to complete this vision and bring our work to Twilio’s million plus registered developer accounts.”

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