Greek AI startup DeepSea lands €3 million to develop logistics platform for maritime industry

DeepSea Technologies, an Athens-based software platform for the monitoring and optimisation of ships, has secured €3 million from London’s ETF Partners, the firm’s first investment in Greece. The AI platform monitors vessel (or fleet) performance and operational data, sharing the information in real time with owners and charterers. With the underlying data, DeepSea makes recommendations […] Interview: Spotawheel

Spotawheel was founded in Athens by Charis Arvanitis, Christos Zis and Kiriakos Agadakos. The team came together to found Spotawheel in 2016 in an effort to offer a frictionless buying experience for used cars through a unique platform that helps buyers find the right car at the right price. Through their predictive analytics, Spotawheel identifies […]