Inside Logic Founders’ new fintech-focused startup studio

Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Chris O’Brien, an American journalist in Toulouse, France where he writes about technology, startups, travel, and culture. It was first published over at The French Tech Journal, his newsletter. Many would-be entrepreneurs can tear their hair out trying to generate one good idea. In contrast, people who […]

efounders Logic Founders

eFounders launches new startup studio for fintech sector, Logic Founders

Belgian startup studio eFounders is branching out, launching a brand new studio just for the fintech sector. Logic Founders is its name, and it will be independently run by fintech entrepreneur Camille Tyan. Tyan previously co-founded PayPlug, an online payments company later acquired by Natixia/Groupe BPCE. As the new studio’s founding partner, he said,  “We […]


eFounders’ portfolio exceeds $100 million ARR, with over $1 billion valuation

The French-Belgian startup studio eFounders has announced new portfolio numbers that hit a couple significant milestones. The studio’s portfolio, which includes Front, Aircall, Spendesk, and Mailjet, has a combined revenue of over $100 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). The total valuation of its 23 software companies has surpassed $1 billion. All 23 of these companies eFounders […]

A look behind the startup studio scenes (ebook)

Hungarian entrepreneur Attila Szigeti has today released an ebook entitled ‘Anatomy of Startup Studios’, offering insights on the startup studio / venture builder model that is on the rise worldwide. The book runs 34 pages and is based on insights learned from eight successful or emerging startup studios, including Betaworks, eFounders, Quasar Ventures and Finleap. […]