Opinion: Why public VC blacklists shouldn’t exist

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the lives of billions of people on Earth — including a small subset thereof, that is VCs and entrepreneurs. The change is not always positive or pleasant — but it’s certainly here to stay, and it’s very important to understand how to adjust for it. In a recent podcast episode, we […]

Tech.eu Podcast #166: Fred Destin (Stride) on VC’s role in crisis; Richard Muirhead (Fabric) on governmental support for startups

In this episode, Andrii Degeler talks to two European VCs about timely topics that came out over the past week. Fred Destin of Stride.VC will walk us through his reasoning on the role of a VC in times of crisis; in the second interview, Fabric’s Richard Muirhead discusses the necessity of governmental support for startups on an example of the UK.