Delivery Hero

Berlin-based Delivery Hero invests in sustainable tech that could make food delivery more eco-friendly

Delivery Hero, a global company that runs local delivery services, announced it has been acquiring minority stakes in sustainable tech startups over the last two years. Specifically, these startups are developing alternative solutions to the very environmental problems that Delivery Hero’s business model perpetuates.  The investments are part of the German company’s overall effort “to […]


Tel Aviv’s ECOncrete raises $5 million for ‘bio-enhancing’ concrete used in marine construction

Israeli engineering startup ECOncrete has raised a $5 million Series A to continue developing its environmentally-friendly concrete, designed for marine construction and artificial structures that promote the growth of sea life. The round was led by Bridges Israel, with participation from Goldacre. Through ‘bio-enhancing concrete compositions’, surface textures, and science-based designs, the company has a […]


UK grounds maintenance company Ground Control launches new fund for early-stage startups dedicated to the environment

Ground Control, a UK company providing grounds maintenance and landscaping services, has announced a £5 million fund to invest in early stage companies and social enterprises that are helping the environment. The Evergreen Fund will be financed by five percent of Ground Control’s annual profits. “Launching the fund is a natural extension of our belief […]


Italian deep tech startup FLEEP Technologies gets €800,000 to bring eco-friendly printed electronic circuits to market

Italian deep tech startup FLEEP Technologies has raised €800,000 in seed funding to bring its ‘printed electronics’ technology to the market. The round was supported by Pariter Partners, members of Italian Angels for Growth, Club degli Investitori, and the Cogliati family. “What we bring with us from this fundraising is the awareness that even in […]


Greek AI startup DeepSea lands €3 million to develop logistics platform for maritime industry

DeepSea Technologies, an Athens-based software platform for the monitoring and optimisation of ships, has secured €3 million from London’s ETF Partners, the firm’s first investment in Greece. The AI platform monitors vessel (or fleet) performance and operational data, sharing the information in real time with owners and charterers. With the underlying data, DeepSea makes recommendations […]