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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018 (Gibraltar)

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018 (Gibraltar). The conference will bring together about 300 participants: entrepreneurs, investors, developers as well as lawyers, financial experts and marketing specialists engaged in the digital currency and blockchain sector.


Russian cybersecurity firm with alleged Kremlin ties wants to bring elections online – and protect them with the blockchain

A Russian cybersecurity firm accused of helping Kremlin spies conspire against the United States is promising to bring elections into the digital age through – what else? – the blockchain. Polys, as it is called, is an online platform that allows for large organizations or municipalities to organize an online vote. Security is guaranteed through […]

Screenshot_1 Festival 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Running over June 2nd and 3rd, the biggest tech careers event in Europe is expected to attract 1500 tech pros, 60 companies, and 30 speakers to the beautiful, historic city of Lisbon in Portugal. Among the most highly anticipated speakers are Tom McAdam (Engineering Manager at Google), Aral Balkan (Founder of, and Joel Gascoigne (Co-founder and CEO of Buffer).