Revenue-based financing provider Capchase chases down German market

Capchase expands to Germany, to close the funding gap for German SaaS companies
Revenue-based financing provider Capchase chases down German market

Spanish/American revenue-based capital provider Capchase has announced its entry into the German market as of today. This now brings the startup’s total number of countries served to 10 including the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

With VC activity slowing across the board and startups increasingly looking outside traditional routes of financing, RBF providers such as Capchase have stepped up to fill the void. Over the summer Capchase secured $400 million of its own in the way of debt funding.

Since launching in 2020, the startup has made over $1.5 billion in funding available to some 3,000+ customers, and raised close to $1 billion itself. $949.6 million for the beancounters out there.

"In today's economic environment, founders need new ways to fund their business. Since our inception, we have seen a huge appetite for growth capital that is fast, flexible, and complementary to traditional funding methods like venture capital,” commented Capchase CEO and co-founder Miguel Fernandez. “We are pleased to partner with founders and companies living in Germany and to provide scalable, non-dilutive financing to help them achieve their growth potential, faster."

As a reminder (and pulling one from the vault) my ongoing RBF players table:

Name Location Turnaround time Revenue Range Pre-requisites
Karmen France < 48 hours 40% ARR -
Vitt London/Berlin < 24 hours 100% ARR ARR of £100,000
re:cap Berlin < 48 hours 50% ARR  
Ritmo Madrid < 24 hours up to €3 million  
Requr Amsterdam < 24 hours unspecified cap MRR of €20,000
Viceversa Milan < 72 hours €10,000 - €1 million  
Wayflyer Dublin < 24 hours $10,000 - $20 million MRR of $20,000
Silvr Paris < 24 hours €10,000 - €10 million MRR of €10,000
ArK Kapital Stockholm < 336 hours €1 million - €10 million variable
Bloom London < 24 hours Up to £10 million MRR of £10,000
Capchase New York/Madrid < 48 hours $25,000 - $10 million  
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