Aiming to help B2B companies understand customer journeys, Denmark's Dreamdata seals $6 million round

Dreamdata is pitching its B2B revenue attribution platform as a single source of truth for B2B customer journey insights. Their solution brings data from across the go-to-market tech stack to help B2Bs allocate resources effectively and drive predictable growth.
Aiming to help B2B companies understand customer journeys, Denmark's Dreamdata seals $6 million round

Denmark's Dreamdata has raised €6 million in series A funds. The round is led by Signals Venture Capital, with participation from InReach Ventures, Crowberry Capital, Seedcamp, and Preseed Ventures.

B2B revenue attribution tools like Dreamdata's enable end-to-end tracking as customer interactions; the data is anonymised and then retagged as a time series with additional profiling categories to support the analytics.

Dreamdata's platform offers revenue insights for customer interactions with commercial tools and traffic sources in the B2B provider's ecosystem - a long-standing challenge for B2Bs.

"B2B companies have a multitude of departments, teams and data silos, each representing different parts of the truth," Dreamdata CEO Lars Grønnegaard remarks, "Dreamdata is here to help unify, clean, and sort all this data and help our customers grow.”

"A key reason for B2B’s struggle is because core contextual elements of doing B2B have been ignored by existing software vendors. “A tool like the widely adopted Google Analytics is just not capable of describing B2B customer journeys.”

To this end, Dreamdata pitches its free plan as a B2B-focused alternative to the Google Analytics web analytics engine.

At the other end, Dreamdata makes its automated data platform available for clients to integrate with business intelligence and machine learning systems, enabling almost limitless customisation. tracked Dreamdata's $4.4 million seed round two years ago, with the deal led by InReach and Crowberry Capital, and also reported on the $535,000 pre-seed raise held in September 2019.

Lars Grønnegaard, CEO at Dreamdata, said the need for B2B journey analytics had escalated. That escalation comes as EU regulators have indicated a tightening in their stance on data privacy and handling laws. The effect has seen a number of national regulators blocking analytics providers who transfer data out of the EU.

Grønnegaard added: "This rise of privacy concerns amongst institutions like the EU and businesses in general represent a massive business potential for new vendors.

"With this new product, we want to be the B2B alternative to Google Analytics."

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