Andreessen Horowitz leads seed round for Stockholm games duo at Seidr

The Swedish gaming studio aims to build "cross-play" titles of relative complexity where players can team up or compete regardless of which console they choose to game from.
Andreessen Horowitz leads seed round for Stockholm games duo at Seidr

Sweden's Seidr wants to do multiplayer games for consoles and PCs that connect players regardless of which platform they're gaming on. Spearheaded by the Swedish development duo Adam Schaub (ex-GM of King and the Candy Crush franchise) and repeat gaming founder Marcus Jacob, the pairing have over 40 years of games industry experience.

According to Deloitte, demand for cross-platform gaming experiences is increasing. The traditional walled garden model is proving frustrating for many as the newest titles are often intended to be highly socialised encounters, yet the customer's specific social circle won't be able to play along if they own a different gaming system.

Seidr believes the gaming ecosystem will become system agnostic with time however significant cost barriers are associated with making cross-play titles. Navigating different UX from console to console and finding developers able to pave over glitches specific to one of the platforms remains a challenge.

This is especially true for the "midcore" segment Seidr is targeting, a classification of games with greater learning curves than the average title, which therefore have more content to port across platforms.

Now the Silicon Valley investor Andreessen Horowitz has announced it is leading the Swedish studio's seed funding. As of yet the startup hasn't announced further details, aside from saying the round's already been closed. But it certainly seems to have hit the ground running by signing up a major US VC.

In a blog post, Andreessen Horowitz wrote: "We’re completely aligned with and excited to support Adam and Marcus’ vision to apply lessons and techniques from mobile games development to make midcore cross-play games more quickly and iteratively. We share their belief that “finding the fun” in a great action strategy game shouldn’t come at the end of a long development cycle."


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