Kittl kicks it root down with $11.6 million

In a round led by Brooklyn-based Left Lane Capital with Speedinvest and a number of additional heavy-hitter angel investors now on board, Kittl plans on no sleep 'til ...
Kittl kicks it root down with $11.6 million

Berlin-based does-design-better-than-you-ever-could startup Kittl has raised $11.6 million in a Series A round. The fresh cheddar will drive Kittl’s next tour as it ramps up both tech and product teams.

Like a lemon to a lime, the Series A round was led by Brooklyn-based Left Lane Capital with Speedinvest and a number of angel investors including Intercom co-Founder Des Traynor, former Bebo CEO Shaan Puri, and individuals from Calm, Amazon, and Instagram participating.

Eagle-eyed viewers and/or devoted readers of mine (thanks mom!) might recognise my enthusiasm for Heritage Type, Heritage Designer, no no, Kittl, since covering their $1.9 million seed round in October of 2021, as well as my prolific usage of their product whilst promoting last year’s Summit.

Speaking of the Summit - pssst - May 24th, Brussels. Maybe we can convince Kittl co-founders Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul to join us. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

To say that Kittl helps even novice photoshop hacks like me to produce some seriously impressive, useful, and downright neato-to-look-at t-shirts, posters, labels, cards, conference promotional materials, etc. is falling far short of the mark.

Quite frankly, why they’re not charging more for this service is beyond me.

While the product initially launched as a marketplace for stock graphics which designers could then hack and slash to their heart’s content, Kittl has gone well beyond these early aspirations, most notably with the launch of its Heritage Designer platform, the very same I’ve used time and time again.

As a demonstration of the power of Kittl, this took 2 minutes and 58 seconds to create. And even if you don’t like my aesthetic, I’m willing to wager there’s someone in your life that would buy and wear this t-shirt to the next concert they attend. If you don’t - call me, I’m always down for a show.

When it comes time to look under the hood as to what’s really going on over at Kittl, and the partial reasoning behind the moar-money-needed, Heymann explains, “This is a very tech-heavy development which requires strong engineering resources. In particular, we’ll be doubling down on existing A.I. and machine learning efforts to really empower users.”

If the current iteration of Kittl can do this, and this, and this, I, for one, can’t wait to dive deep into this “really empower users” statement from Heymann.

Lead image created with Kittl

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