🎙️ The Drive at Five with Dan Taylor and Robin Wauters - Episode 20

And we're back in the saddle again! This week Robin and Dan are joined by Tech.eu Senior Writer Cate Lawrence and Journalist Callum Cyrus to recap the week that was.
🎙️ The Drive at Five with Dan Taylor and Robin Wauters - Episode 20

After an extended holiday break, the Drive at Five is back! Helping to celebrate its return, Dan and Robin are joined by Cate and Callum this week where we call tech support, discover who the founder of the Bauhaus school was, talk about death (or however you want to call it after your heart stops beating), Walt Disney, qubits, and how supply chain problems can tarnish a brand and lead to (potentially) a closing up of shop.

Robin covers:

  • Layoffs sadly.

Callum digs into:

  • Tech.eu's tracking of smart building tech and some interesting funding rounds in the space.

Cate featured:

  • Berlin's Tomorrow Biostasis, a startup that's working on cryopreservation and how death might not be the final chapter for us humans.

Dan lays down:

  • Quantum computing player Pasqal announced a raise of €100 million in a Series B round this week, and how they're planting a flag for Paris in the home-of-quantum ground.

And Cate and Dan pedal:

  • Things aren't looking so great for Amsterdam-based developer and designer of urban e-bikes VanMoof.

This and a whole lot more on this week's episode of the Drive at Five!

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