Using AI to reduce sales teams’ admin work, Epicbrief raises €1 million

The AI-powered platform automates a number of admin tasks and creates sales conversation summaries in a matter of seconds.
Using AI to reduce sales teams’ admin work, Epicbrief raises €1 million

Helsinki-based Epicbrief has raised €1 million in a pre-seed funding round. The company plans to use the capital to support the further development of its administrative tasks automation platform aimed at sales professionals.

The €1 million pre-seed round was led by Curiosity with Superhero Capital and an undisclosed angel investor participating.

No one has ever said that working in sales is easy. It’s a pressure cooker of a job and one that often leads to high turnover. According to Epicbrief, on average, 70% of sales professionals’ time is spent on admin tasks, and not on the actual work of selling. 

Epicbrief founders Miro Putkonen, Pyry Takala, and Anton Dobrzhanskiy took one look at the powers of generative AI and realised that there could be an elegant solution to help put salespeople back into the business of selling and out of the business of admining.

At its core, what Epicbrief is doing is integrating with any number of video conferencing tools, connecting them with a corporate CRM, and using AI to automatically complete a number of tasks including converting sales conversations into clear, easy-to-understand summaries (within seconds) that team members organisation wide can get on board with.

At least that’s the promise. And the hope. 

"We believe that AI presents a massive opportunity to completely transform the work of sales professionals. By automating administrative tasks, we’re enabling them to focus on what really matters: building relationships, closing deals, and achieving their quotas,” says Epicbrief co-founder and CEO Miro Putkonen. “As a start, we focus on automating sales call summaries and action plans and provide easy-to-use tools for collaboration and communication to make sales organisations more productive and make better-informed decisions. In the long term, we're looking to expand towards automation across the whole sales workflow.”

However promising and wide-ranging Epicbrief's aspirations may be, they're far from alone in the field, with Stockholm's Supernormal immediately coming to mind.

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