ISPTech raises €2M for green spacetech propulsion systems

ISPTech builds propulsion systems for spacecraft of all sizes, from small CubeSats to large satellites, that offer high performance and reliability at a low price.
ISPTech raises €2M for green spacetech propulsion systems

InSpacePropulsion Technologies (ISPTech), a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has raised €2 million in Pre-Seed funding. 

ISPTech develops propulsion systems based on non-toxic, so-called “green” propellants. They allow significantly reduced overall costs, rapid availability and simplify spacecraft operations. The propulsion systems offer superior performance compared to the current green propulsion market standard and can be geared to any spacecraft from small CubeSats to large satellites, capsules, and landers.

Current in-space propulsion systems are expensive, complex, and operate with highly toxic propellants. These toxic propellants require extensive handling efforts, which complicate and slow down the development and qualification process of propulsion systems and increase overall costs. In addition, alternative solutions currently on the market either lack performance or operational simplicity. 

ISPTech was founded in 2023. The team has developed two technologies: one is space-ready (HyNOx) and one offers unique advantages (HIP_11). HyNOx runs on Ethane and Nitrous Oxide. Contrary to competitors, ISPTech’s system allows continuous operation at high performance without overheating issues.

HyNOx Thrusters with different thrust classes - Picture: ISPTech.

HIP_11 is a unique propulsion technology for large spacecraft like landers, capsules, and satellites. It offers less complexity and cost than other systems with similar thrust levels and will be refuellable. It also allows hybrid operation, i.e. electric and chemical propulsion simultaneously.

In 2023, the company acquired its first customers, won a paid flight into space, and qualified the first thrusters for space. 
The founders of ISPTech Felix Lauck and Dr. Lukas Werling in a joint statement: 

"We spent many years researching propulsion technologies, testing the products of our current competitors and working with many of our future customers.

During all these times, we saw a clear and large market demand for affordable, quickly available, and robust propulsion technologies. Our mission now is to meet this demand."

The round is led by HTGF and backed by co-investments of First Momentum Ventures and Possible Ventures
Dr. Koen Geurts, Investment Manager at HTGF, shared:

"The satellite market growth in the next decade and the increasing need for space debris avoidance manoeuvres will see a huge demand for chemical propulsion systems, especially non-toxic solutions, democratising access to space. 

ISPTech is the only startup offering solutions from below 1N to 1kN with high TRL and exceptionally positioned to set a new market standard."

The investment will help make ISPTech’s propulsion technologies ready for its first customers and spaceflight.
The first propulsion systems will be demonstrated in space in 2025.

Lead image: Lukas-Werling and Felix Lauck,  ISPTech. Photo: uncredited. 

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