Podcast #165: Hectic week for Amazon in Europe; PEPP-PT and contact-tracing apps; Exeger and future of self-charging gadgets

This week, Andrii Degeler and Natalie Novick discuss the good and bad things happening to Amazon in Europe, the reasons why we still don’t have an EU-wide contact tracing app, and much more. The featured interview of the episode is a conversation with Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder of Exeger, who talks about the future of self-charging gadget and the “light-conscious” next generation. Podcast #147: State funding for battery tech, future foods in Europe, new VC kids on the block, interview with SVB’s Sonya Iovieno

This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler talk about €3.2 billion in state funding for battery technology, future foods, the situation around Amazon and Deliveroo in the UK, new VC kids on the block, and much more. The featured interview this time is a conversation with Sonya Iovieno, head of venture and growth banking at Silicon Valley Bank.


Deliveroo’s revenue jumped 72% in 2018, fed by new products and markets

London-based Deliveroo announced that the company’s sales rose by £200 million in 2018. The growth is hard to miss. The food delivery platform was named Europe’s second-fastest growing company by the Financial Times, and was the first to top Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 two years in a row. Overall global sales rose to £476 million, […]